Hi There. I am Flemming and I have been a ham operator for a number of years.
I mainly use the call sign 5P5N for DX work and the OZ4P for the remaining.
I did also use the call OZ1DRK at one time as well as N2KLJ, VE3/OZ1DRK and VE3/N2KLJ (The US call sign is however now expired).

I do operate from 2 different QTH's .
One being at my Home in Copenhagen and one from my summerhouse on the Island of Samsø.

Main ham interest:

Data for the 2 QTH's


Locator:        JO65GR  (55.7124 N / 12.5076 E)
Iota:             EU-029
Danish Island locator name:  SJ-001


Locator:        JO55GU (55.8647 N / 10.5807 E)
Iota:             EU-172
Danish Island locator name:  JY-008

ITU-ZONE: 18                                      CQ-ZONE : 14

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Samsø Island
Check my location on APRS: OZ4P-9
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